Sound Components

Types of Sound Components

ITP India is the leading online seller of sound components or buzzers in the country. We work with some of the country’s finest manufacturers of sound components such as ION. Working with the leading manufacturers has made us able to give our customers the best products that are

  • 100% authentic
  • Tested by engineers
  • Highest quality buzzers as per industry standards

Looking to buy sound components? Welcome to ITP India’s exclusive catalogue of the most technically advanced sound components in the industry. Our sound components are guaranteed to -

  • Use the innate frequency of piezo electric ceramics to its full effect.
  • Our range of sound components is diverse. Each of them has been modified for an extensive range of applications including - household devices, automobiles, day to day consumer appliances, industrial appliances and even small, transportable terminals.
  • Most impressive is our range of products dedicated to being used as the functional confirmation sound for appliance, which are broadly used in melody-based speakers.

Checkout our diverse catalogue to find exactly what you need. If you need any assistance, do not hesitate to contact our customer service team who are always there to guide you. It is important to buy sound components that are durable and authentic – At ITP India not only do you get products of the finest quality but also a great purchase process. Our extremely secure payment process in addition to our fast delivery service has made it possible for us to deliver the best customer experience possible. Contact us now to get the most effective products at affordable prices.

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