Types of Connectors

ITP India is renowned in the industry for its amazing range of electrical connectors. Our diverse and vast range of electronic connectors are all top-quality appliances as we have teamed up with leading manufacturers from around the country to make sure that our customers only get the products of the highest quality. Looking to buy electrical connectors? ITP India is your best and one-stop destination.

We have been able to gain a significant market share in the electronics industry by conducting thorough studies of market dynamics and by implementing properly planned and swift delivery strategies. In this way we have been able to associate and cater our products to several renowned companies across the country.

Our diverse collection of electronic connectors can be delivered to our customers with requested made to order specifications. This has enabled us to meet the varied demands of all of our customers on a regular basis. Our bouquet of electronic connectors include –

  • Edge Connectors
  • Connectors for Miscellaneous Uses
  • Connectors for Solar Devices
  • Connectors for PLCC Sockets

We work with leading brands to provide our customers with the best product. These branded products include -

  • OMRON Range of Connectors 
  • KUM Range of Connectors
  • KET Range of Connectors 
  • TE Range of Connectors 
  • Molex range of Connectors

For first-time customers who are looking to buy electrical connectors online, ITP India offers discount deals on some of our best products. Book now and have your product delivered to your doorstep in just a few days.

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