Frequency Components

Types of Frequency Components

ITP India is one of the leading sellers of online piezo components. Our team has always been renowned for delighting our customers with top quality piezo ceramic crystals, materials in addition to piezo components. Our catalogue is full of options. Our components are especially designed to make sure that when they are being used as actuators and sensors, they deliver maximum efficiency. Looking to buy piezo electric crystals? ITP India, the country’s foremost seller of electronic components of all types, is ready to offer you the most attractive deals.

Here are the key types of frequency components that we sell

  • Crystal 
  • Oscillator Crystal
  • Resonator Ceramic
  • Saw Filters

Simply click on the product that you need and check the - Frequency, Tolerance and PCB Mounting Settings. If you need any information, feel free to contact our client servicing team at any time.

Dealing with online piezo components comes with a responsibility of trust and understanding between the seller and the buyer. We assure you that all of our products are thoroughly tested and they are 100% genuine. Naturally, they come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

First-time purchasers who are looking to buy piezo electric crystals (irrespective of the number of items being ordered) can expect full assistance and cooperation from our side. In addition to that, we also make sure that all of our products reach our customers only in a matter of few days.

Simply click on your order, complete the fast and secure payment process and you will have your product at your doorstep in no time. Contact us now!

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