To properly use the relay, when the relay is selected and its characteristics are learnt, the precautions for using are required to be known and ensure the reliable operation of the relay.

The following precautions will be considered in application:

  1. a) The relays are used within the range of the parameters listed in the catalogue, to the extent that it is possible.
  2. b) The rated load and the life are the referent values, which will be different due to the different environments, load features and types. Therefore they should be tested in the practical or stimulated application.
  3. c) DC relays are controlled by rectangle wave to the extent that it is possible while the AC relays are controlled by sine wave.
  4. d) To maintain the performances of relays, please do not make the relay drop or be shocked strongly. Suggest that the relays dropped not be used.
  5. e) Relays are used in the ambient temperature and normal humidity and in the atmosphere with less dust and harmful gas. The harmful gases include gases with sulfur, silicon and nitrogen oxide etc.
  6. f) For the latching relays, please set them in the operate or reset state before they are used. Please pay attention to polarity and pulse width when energizing on the coil
  7. g) For polarized relay, please notify the polarity (+, -) of the coil voltage.

Except for the above there are other precautions. In the following they will be described one by one in the order listed in table 5.