Many of the devices used across the globe owe their life to rechargeable batteries. Replacement of batteries is not only costly but often comes with a number of issues, so a majority of consumers opt for buying rechargeable battery online. Is there anything that can be done to take care of these batteries and make them more functional? Let’s find out.

Know about the recharge cycle

Nothing is permanent on this earth, and the same applies to rechargeable batteries too. The recharge cycle refers to the lifespan of the battery, represented by the number of discharge cycles the battery can ensure before it runs out of service. To do away with unnecessary cycles, you can keep the batteries plugged in when they are in use. Do not make the mistake of plugging in devices even when they are not in use, because there is high possibility that the battery will be damaged due to heat.

Make use of the appropriate charger

Yes, it is more convenient to pack just one charger along with several cables. You can go for the same when you are sure that your device is being appropriately charged. Otherwise, you can use a single charger designed for the particular device because it guarantees that you are using the right quantity of power for the concerned rechargeable battery. Refrain from regular use of a charger that delivers too little or excessive power, because the longevity of the battery might be affected. In case you want to use a multi-purpose third party charger, it would be a wise thing to opt for a reputable brand.

Watch out for the temperature

Once you buy rechargeable battery online, you need to keep an eye on the charging temperature. The most suitable range is around 20°C. However, it is not always possible to get climate controlled rooms, so the range can be extended to around 5 to 45°C. Anything beyond or under this range can be detrimental to the health of the battery. Never ever charge the battery below a temperature of 0°C, because it can cause permanent damage.

Keep physical stress at bay

Ensure that the rechargeable battery does not drop or fall; otherwise it will be physically damaged. Moreover, if there is leakage of corrosive chemicals from the battery owing to physical stress, it is not only bad for the battery or the concerned device, but also for your skin.

Go for long-term storage with great care

If you are planning to store your device for a long period of time, the best thing is to partially charge the battery and then store it. By storing in the discharged state, you may face problems with recharging. Again, storage of a battery in completely charged state can reduce its life span.

By following these tips you can make buying rechargeable battery online a great return on investment. With due care, these batteries can become a great asset, giving you more than what you expect.