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Technical Terms Related To Capacitors

Rated Capacitance CR: The designed capacitance value, usually marked on the capacitor. Read More
Nov 30, 2018

An insight into the major types of capacitors and their uses

Capacitors are a popular electronic component finding use in modern devices and circuits. With the evolution of technology, capacitors are coming up in varied categories, finding use in different areas. As you take your decision to buy capacitors, here’s Read More
Nov 30, 2018

A technical guide to capacitor

Capacitors are components that have the ability to store electrical energy. This energy is stored in an electrostatic field which is created by electrical charges accumulating on conducting plates placed across an electrical potential and separated by an Read More
Nov 30, 2018

Capacitors Reliability Issues

The expected life of a film capacitor is dependent on a number of factors, which generally apply to paper-oil capacitors as well. Many of the causes listed below apply mainly to high-voltage capacitors where life problems are of the greatest concern. Read More
Nov 30, 2018

Cautions While Usage Capacitors

Normally, values higher than the rated voltage may cause a breakdown of the capacitor dielectric and damage the capacitor. Metallized capacitors have self-healing properties and the application of voltages higher than rated voltage will not cause an immed Read More
Nov 30, 2018

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