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Charging of Lithium-ion battery

Lithium Ion batteries are the most widely used battery types for portable electronics. The major downside such as damage of cells due to rapid charging that Lithium ion batteries carried during their initial days of development are a thing of past. Pres Read More
Nov 30, 2018

Do You Want to Get More From Your Rechargeable Batteries?

Many of the devices used across the globe owe their life to rechargeable batteries. Replacement of batteries is not only costly but often comes with a number of issues, so a majority of consumers opt for buying rechargeable battery online. Is there anythi Read More
Nov 30, 2018

How rechargeable batteries help you and the environment

The modern day world perhaps would not exist without batteries, because they are the source of energy for numerous products, used in households as well as industries. Batteries also are great at offering backup power for diverse activities that n Read More
Aug 09, 2018

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